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Crete RetreatTsikalariaChania[email protected]+30 694 7569 113

Gin & Vodka

We produce our own Gin & Vodka. Why not order some to be delivered to your Villa. Or ask us to visit our distillery.

Orange Tree Distillery

We have a huge passion for Gin and Vodka, and have been producing our own products for a few years now.

Our location in Greece allows us to grow and forage for our own botanicals, to create unique Cretan flavours.

Why not pay us a visit and maybe see the distilling process.

We have even more for you

Pool & Gardens

Come and enjoy our impressive pool at 20×15 meters you’ll get a good swim, or relax by the pool and soak up some of the sun.
Find some peace and tranquillity in our vast gardens, amongst the botanical oasis that we have on display.

Our Animals

We are huge animal lovers as such we rescue dogs and cats, we currently have 6 dogs and 3 cats. They all love meeting new people.
We also keep chickens, who provide us with their eggs, and manure to spread on our gardens. Please feel free to come visit them.
We also keep a flock of parakeets in our aviary, who love to have visitors come and see them.